Deja Vu All Over Again For Olivia

It's a second Hot Chart #1 for Olivia Rodrigo while DRAX Project, Justin Bieber and Six60 return to the top spots of the Hot NZ Chart, Album Chart and NZ Album Chart respectively.

New into the Hot NZ Chart are TheWesternGuide, LAIIKA, Dallas Tamaira, Ron Moala, The Datsuns, Hawkins, Louisa Nicklin, Church & AP feat. Deadforest, PollyHill feat. Church Leon, N.T. Honey, Tree feat. Swiss and Flamingo Pier. New to the NZ Album Chart are Scorn Of Creation and Negative Nancies. The ONES TO WATCH video features Paddy Echo, •KITA•, Tree feat. Swiss, Emily C. Browning and AP And Kamahumble
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#1 Album

A return to the top spot for Justin after making way last week for Teeks.

#1 Hot Single

Olivia's second Hot Chart #1, after drivers license.

#1 Hot NZ Single

DRAX Project climb back to #1.

#1 NZ Single

A sixth consecutive week at #1 for Six60.

#1 NZ Album

The album has now topped the chart for all but four weeks in 2021.