L.A.B. results are off the charts!

With a new album out this week, the band tops the Official Singles and Albums Charts and both Hot Charts.

L.A.B. land the top four places on the Hot NZ Chart this week. Other new entries are from Sammy Johnson, wax mustang, David Dallas, BLKCITY, Revus, AACADIA, DJ Noiz feat. Jahboy and Otosan feat. Julia Lostrom.
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#1 Single

L.A.B. holds off the annual festive challenge from Mariah Carey.

#1 Album

Straight to the top of the charts for L.A.B.'s fourth album. This is the band's first #1 album.

#1 Hot Single

A second Hot Chart #1 following on from Why Oh Why from 2 weeks ago.

#1 Hot NZ Single

A fourth Hot NZ Chart #1 for L.A.B. and the third in just five weeks.

#1 NZ Single

The band take out the top six places on this week's chart!

#1 NZ Album

This the first time the band has topped the NZ Album Chart.