Debut #1 Album for BTS

BAYNK tops the Hot NZ Chart, whilst Lil Nas X maintains grip on the Top40 Singles and Hot Charts.

Behind BAYNK on the Hot NZ chart are new entries for Aldous Harding, Bad Timing, Sit Down IN Front, Bailey Wiley, Amila, Theia, 1194, Balu Brigada, General E, Model Home, Sam V, The 40 Watt Banana (a vinyl release) & Avalanche City
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#1 Single

Cyrus' 2nd #1, 27 yrs after 'Achy Breaky Heart' reached the top

#1 Album

5th album from the K-Pop group to chart

#1 Hot Single

Rapper hails from Georgia. His real name is Montero Hill

#1 Hot NZ Single

The US based producer has a new EP out next month

#1 NZ Single

Has recently signed to Republic Records

#1 NZ Album

Hasn’t dropped lower than #4 in the 74 wks since its release