Kanye & Ty Dolla circle the top spots

Kanye and Ty Dolla claim Album and Hot Chart #1s this week. Lee Mvtthews with Amila is the new Hot NZ Chart #1

Behind Lee Mvtthews ft. Amila are further new entries for Shane Walker, Crowded House, Canaan Ene & Sam V, lilbubblegum & Yung Gravy, Henry Tupou, Mokotron, EDY ft. Lomez Brown, Sione Toki, Swiss, Mikey Mayz & Pieter T, MOZIE, Castaway, Mikey Mayz and TheWesternGuide. Two entries onto the NZ Album Chart are from The Stungrenades and Fool Of Stars. The ONES TO WATCH video features MOZIE, Canaan Ene & Sam V, lilbubblegum & Yung Gravy and Georgia Lines
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#1 Single

A third week atop the Official Singles Chart for YG Marley

#1 Album

Kanye's fifth #1 album. He first topped the chart back in 2013

#1 Hot Single

The fourth chart topper for Kanye and the first for Ty Dolla

#1 Hot NZ Single

A fourth #1 for Lee Mvtthews and a second for the duo in just four weeks

#1 NZ Album

A ninth week at #1 for the compilation album